Empowering Individuals

Helping Not-For-Profit Organisations achieve their purpose using bespoke data analytics

 Our Foundation’s Purpose

Empowering the human spirit using emerging technologies to support causes relating to poverty alleviation, building meaningful connections and bringing purpose to individuals.

A way of giving back and reaching out by embracing technology

Empowerment through Data

Data plays an important role in effective decision-making and in communicating an organisation’s efforts and outreach. The Phoensight Foundation was set up to assist charities and Not-For-Profit Organisations on their unique data journeys.

Co-creating Respectfully

Together we support your organisation’s mission by building sustainable data products that contribute meaningfully.  We take great care to protect your data privacy and hold our data ethics to high standards.

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About the Consultancy

Phoensight is a 'data-focused' consultancy that brings to life new possibilities using data analytics and emerging technologies. Phoensight specializes in Open Government, Open Data and Public Policy.

About the Foundation

The Phoensight Foundation is a Not-for-Profit organisation that provides a data consultancy service and bespoke data analytic solutions to empower charities and other non-profit organisations.
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