Insight with Technology

We help Governments and Organisations create new value through innovative insights using emerging technologies

We are a ‘data-focused’ consultancy that uses a multi-disciplinary approach along with the latest data science solutions to create bespoke products and services.
We use open source technologies and are committed to providing insight that increases the value of your business.

Discover meaningful insights and create valuable opportunities through innovative data-driven solutions


We create models using your data that are specific to your business purpose and focused on your future needs.


We collaborate with you and your stakeholders by considering new approaches and perspectives using your business knowledge.


We work with you to gain valuable insights which may influence your decisions by providing new options.


We use the latest data visualisation frameworks to provide clarity and communicate your data-driven narrative in a compelling way.

We use innovation and a unique perspective to gain valuable insights –  combining sophisticated model development and the latest visualisation frameworks to tell compelling narratives

Our Latest Idea Seeds

Phoensight Idea Seeds are our most recent thought-articles that are the beginnings of our upcoming projects.

We consider the ‘big-picture’ with you and work to co-create your vision and help you achieve your goals.

Some of our clients

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About the Consultancy

Phoensight is a 'data-focused' consultancy that brings to life new possibilities using data analytics and emerging technologies. Phoensight specializes in Open Government, Open Data and Public Policy.

About the Foundation

The Phoensight Foundation is a Not-for-Profit organisation that provides a data consultancy service and bespoke data analytic solutions to empower charities and other non-profit organisations.
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